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Rent a walk-in cooler/freezer trailer.

Need your product frozen or cooled while you work on your cooler or freezer? Maybe your ready to buy a new walk-in cooler or freezer and just need our unit for a day while they swap them out. What ever the case may be just give us a call, we would be more than glad to assist .


Our Trailers come with 110 Volt Cooler or Freezer Units easy to plug into any 110 volt Dedicated Plug cooler or freezer for all your Cold Storage needs
Mobile walk in CoolerFreezer Trailer for Rent

Call to rent a walk in cooler/freezer trailer. You can rent for a day, week or month, or even longer. Call for rental prices. Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rental. Coolers are great for storing food or even flowers.

Mitchells mobile cold storage rental

Mobile Cooler or Freezer Trailer Rentals

Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rentals

Trailer Rentals

Our Small Refrigerated Trailers are inspected and sanitized every time before the unit is delivered. Our Emergency 24/7 Trailer can be delivered in our serviceable areas within 4 hours. Need it cooled prior to arrival? No problem! Our optional onboard generators can start cooling the unit before it even leaves our location here in Texas. Once the Trailer arrives, Setup and transfer can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Call to Reserve

Our Mobile Cold Storage trailers may be the best ideal solution for your big event or party. Mitchell’s Mobile Cold Storage can offer daily, weekly or monthly rentals.  For any of your mobile cold storage needs, count on Mitchell’s Mobile Cold storage to fill all of your refrigerated trailer needs

Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rental

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