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Our trailers come with 110 Volt Cooler/Freezer Units. Easy to plug into any 110 volt Dedicated Plug for all your cooler/freezer Storage Needs

Walk in Cooler/Freezer.

Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rental

Provides fast 24/7 fast response for small refrigerated or freezer trailers.

Can be headed to you location with a phone call or email. Contact us today.

Ideal Uses for Small Cooler Trailers Rental

  • Catering or Business-Flowers, Food Bakers
  • Fairs and Festivals-Tailgate Parties, Marathons
  • Special Events-Weddings, Corporates Parties, Family Reunions
  • Floral or Labor Day, Thanksgiving Parties, Christmas Party’s or other Holidays
  • Emergency Cold or Freezer Storage-Commercial Refrigeration or Freezer Repairs, Disaters
  • Remote Location-Processing Plant-Deer Camp Remote
  • Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rental 409-782-6804

Need in a pinch call Mitchells

Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rental

Our company is locally owned and operated in Texas.

We can provide you with portable Cooler/freezer rentals.

For seasonal or emergency use Long or short term.

Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rental

George Mitchell