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Why do you need a Portable walk-in cooler/freezer trailer unit?

Trailers Can be used for…

Disaster Relief: After something catastrophic, many disaster relief programs visit impacted areas to deliver much-needed food, water, and shelter to people in need. To keep this food and water fresh, these organizations often rent these trailers.

Mitchells Mobile Cold Storage Rental…

Restaurants: Cold storage or Freezer trailer rentals can help keep products fresh or frozen – meaning if your unit goes out, you need extra storage space or time to fix your unit. We are here to help you.

Temperature’s Control: If you need to store temperature-sensitive items, then a short-term cold refrigerator rental would be a good choice. It doesn’t matter whether you are storing food items or medical supplies or perishable goods; a cold storage trailer can keep your items at the perfect temperature.

Special Events: when you are organizing an event, many moving parts need attention, and keeping your food and drinks cold is important. A refrigerated trailer will keep your food and drinks cold throughout the event.

What to Expect From A Rental Cold Storage Trailer?

Walk-in cooler/freezer trailer for Rent.

Renting is Cost-effective

One of the main advantages of renting a refrigerated trailer is it will be set up and ready for you to use when you need it. After the event or equipment repair we will remove the trailer. Since most people need these trailers for a day or two or, a week. Even for companies that use them regularly, renting is cheaper.

Keep Perishable Goods Fresh

Another great benefit of renting a refrigerated trailer is that it helps keep your perishable goods fresh for as long as possible. If you’re storing food or other temperature-sensitive items, you must ensure they stay fresh. A small refrigerated trailer rental is the perfect way to ensure your products stays at their destination fresh and unspoiled.

Rentals Allow Flexibility

Renting a refrigerated trailer allows you to be flexible in terms of size and rental periods. If you need the trailer for a short period, then you’ll be given options that are perfect for your needs.

Better Temperature Control

Refrigerated trailers come packed with effective and improved temperature control. If you need to store or keep temperature-sensitive items, then you need to know that your trailer will keep the items at the “just right” temperature.

Let us know when you need the Walk-in cooler/freezer Trailers Rental

Please Call or send us a email with your Name, Phone number to contact you at, your email address and a message about the dates needed for your rental

Trailer Requirements

Our Trailers come with 110 Volt Cooler or Freezer Units, easy to plug into any 110 volt Dedicated Plug, cooler or freezer for all your Cold Storage needs.

Walk-in Cooler

Call or email us to set up a reservation for the amount of time you need to rent the walk-in cooler/freezer Trailer

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